New Cable TV Regulations Postponed by TRAI

New Cable TV Regulations Postponed by TRAI

TRAI has decided to postpone the implementation of new cable TV regulations. It has informed all cable operators, broadcasters, consumers and the public at large that the implementation of the new cable TV regulations has been put on hold.

TRAI has said that a new ‘migration plan’ will be put in place, which will allow all consumers and cable TV operators, broadcasters to implement the change with ease.

TRAI said, “There will be no disruption of TV Services due to implementation of the new regulatory framework. Keeping in view the interest of the subscribers and to enable a smooth transition, the Authority is preparing a detailed Migration Plan for all the existing subscribers.”

TRAI said, “The Authority has noticed that there are messages circulating in the media that there may be a black-out of existing subscribed channels on TV screens after December 29, 2018. The Authority is seized of the matter and hereby advises that all Broadcasters…….Read More>>


Source:- techiyogiz