Realme officially launches realme UI: Here is what’s new and special

Realme officially launches realme UI: Here is what’s new and special

The Chinese smartphone manufacturer Realme has officially launched Realme UI for its customers. Based on Android 10 and ColorOS 7, Realme UI comes with new features, design language and improved screen fluency. The brand has also added some new modes along with more protection for your personal information. Here is a look at what’s new and special about the Realme user interface –

Realme has come up with the concept of Real Design, which it claims is real but not realistic, simplified but not simple. The new UI synthesizes the naturally high-saturation and high-brightness colors to construct an authentic color scheme, bringing a sense of vitality. The same concept has also been applied on app icons. Realme claims to have derived the inspiration for apps from common household items.

The new UI also introduces customisation function for the app. It allows you change the shape, size and graphic size of the icons. The brand has also added 11 new wallpapers inspired by natural elements.

Realme UI features a new Quantum Animation Engine which increases screen fluency. The company claims that this will help users get smooth animation as well. Realme has added new features to its UI like Focus Mode, which isolates the user from the outside world. At the same time, it plays some some relaxing music to help users concentrate.

To make the overall experience more secure, Realme has added Personal Information Protection, which will provide empty information pages when the apps are requesting to access the user’s personal information. It will protect users’ call history, contacts, messages and prevents the leakage of information.

Source:- zeebiz